7 Mistakes That Every Woman Should Commit Once So As To Not Repeat It Again In Future


Till now, we have only been talking on matters like what a woman should do to please his man, what she should not do to have a lasting relationship or what a woman should keep in mind while she’s on her periods, to name a few. But this time we are going to talk about a tad too different topic i.e. the mistakes that a girl should make.

Yes, possibly these are the mistake that you girls out there should commit so as to not repeat them more than once in your lifetime. Let’s start making mistakes then *wink*.

Dating the guy who’s weird or make obscure choices over anything

Maybe you are dating such a guy who makes unclear movie choices or any outing preferences just to prove himself cool and to check whether you are getting him or not and well, if you haven’t dated any such person, it’s time, to begin with making your mistake.


Wrong dress at a wrong place

I don’t think any girl would have ever managed to escape from committing this mistake. It is probably one such fault that anyone can make. Like wearing wrong clothes at a job interview or at an official meeting is proof that you are certified in making this mistake.


To get a Brazilian wax

If you are in doubt then let me tell you why I have put Brazilian wax under the mistake column. Well, once you get a Brazilian wax done you will never ever think of getting another time again and you’ll understand the reason after you get it. That’s suspense, darling!


Making cooking dishes that just bounce your head

Even I have committed this mistake for more than once. Like me, I am sure you might also have played by a book so as to try all those recipes that are way over our head. A total mess!


Spending a huge fortune on a dress that you would hardly ever wear

Again I am on the list who has committed this mistake. Every girl, I suppose, have splurged big bucks on a drop-dead-gorgeous attire that’s going to hand up in your wardrobe left unworn for years. It wasn’t your mistake if you bought it but it is your mistake when you haven’t worn even after spending much.


The trendy haircut which you saw in some series

Getting the trendy haircut that is not even ready to suit your personality could turn out the biggest mistake you can ever commit.


Not listening to your mom

There’s one thing that can never be denied and it is that what our mothers used to tell us, teach us, scold us or all other manner lessons for that matter have always been helpful in our lives. Though we never paid the required attention to our mothers in that manner.  yes, we have committed that mistake quite early in our lives as “Mothers are always right, no matter what!”


So these are a few mistakes every girl should do to avoid bigger mishaps. I am sure we all girls made one or another mistake.

I am eagerly waiting which mistakes you guys made. Please share your experience. I will make another post and do not worry your name will not be there, so your mother did not get same 🙂

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