Hilarious Take On Grooming Issues Indian Girls Understand Exceptionally Well


Indian Women beauty has its own exclusivity. In the past, Indian women were not involved in self grooming, but today, the Indian women are completely aware of self grooming & admire the western culture for the same. Beauty & grooming industry of India is becoming stronger with each passing day.

Here are some grooming issues that Indian girls understand exceptionally well:


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  • Not having your eyebrows sufficiently bushy or having them be so dense that you need to thread them every 20 days or so.
  • Managing to get the flawless eyebrow arch but end up appearing like a shocked Disney villain.


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  • Bleeding when you accidentally cut yourself while shaving but proceed anyway as you are too lethargic to look for a band-aid.
  • Getting a crisis threading for your upper-lip before you go on a date.
  • Surrendering to societal stress and shooting your eyes with acquaintances and crying each time you insert them. Then crying again when you awake after snoozing with them STILL ON.
  • Facing the fact that your hairdresser offers you with shorter hair than you asked for.


  • Staring at the parlor lady when she criticizes about how you don’t have ample body hair as the too much waxing tumbled down your hair growth. Gazing at her another time when she queries if you have shaved.
  • Applying yogurt, besan and turmeric exterior to the kitchen i.e. ON YOUR FACE.
  • Preferring to shave till the knees when you are in a hurry.
  • When the parlor lady hits the highly sensitive spot under your foot while you are getting the pedicure done.
  • Falling for unquestionably useless deals for OXY EXTRA WHITE NO LION HAIR bleach at the salon.
  • Making use of only one red lipstick even if you have more than you could pay for.


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  • Being anxious to come across anyone when you have massaged oil in your hair.
  • When one or two parts of hair are left on your eyebrow but you can’t be arsed to tell the parlor lady about that.
  • Unintentionally ending with a black eye when you wipe your eyes but fail to recall the mascara you have applied.
  • Moving your hands through your hair sexily and having it get trapped in your nail. flaked
  • Dealing with the woe of your nail paint chippings a day later, while your toenail paint stays intact.
  • Visiting the beach and dealing with a few discontents counting sand all over the place and beach frizz.
  • Trialing a new face pack and doubting if the burning sensation is usual.


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  • All of a sudden having wobbly hands when you try to put on the liner.
  • Managing with the grey face or orange face because cosmetics companies are too bad at making a foundation for your skin tone.
  • Being deceived by the lipstick when you sip something from a glass or a cup.
  • Inspecting your comb run through a hitch sequence of bulges and hair fall when you run it through your hair.


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  • Overlooking your neck when your face pack finishes.
  • Disliking yourself for shaving pubes when your crotch is on fire the next day

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