You Might Be Drinking Water Wrong Your Whole Life! Know Here


Whaaaat! Is there even a so-called way to drink water correctly? OK, wait, I’ll come to that. We all know that water is the most important liquid in our lives and perhaps, without consuming it in proper amounts, a healthy life couldn’t be imagined. So, drinking water is beneficial not only for the body but overall health as well.

Well, coming back to what I started with – The Correct Way! YES, not only the proper amounts but the proper way to consume water is also of paramount importance. And probably, you have been drinking water wrong your entire life.

Here’s the right way to do it:

You might know that our body is filled with a lot of water and 90% of our body weight comes from water only. So, it is recommended to consume eight glasses of water daily for a healthy body.


But what you might not know is how to drink water. Well, here I am going to tell you how to drink it well.

Small Sips

The first and foremost thing you should keep in mind is to have small sips of water as small sips help in quenching the thirst rather than the big gulps of water.


Drink Water while Sitting

Secondly, you should drink water while sitting rather than having it walking or standing. Coz if you drink water while standing, the water speckles against the walls of the stomach which could harm it and distort the digestion process as well.


Besides indigestion, there are several other disadvantages of consuming water while standing like – it causes nerve tension and disrupts the balance of fluids in the body and can also result in arthritis.


So, it is recommended to have water more while sitting as sitting down to drink can help the kidneys work and function the filtration process even better.


Drink Adequate Water during Workout

Well, one more thing that you must know that you probably consume an excess of water during a workout and perhaps that could be harmful to your body. As per researchers drinking too much water can cause symptomatic hyponatremia (a condition that lowers the sodium levels in the body).

Man drinking water while exercising in gym

I guess after reading out this useful piece of information, you might be clear in your head that what is the right proportion and posture to consume water. So, stop doing it wrong manner from now on.


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