Subtle Signs Of Cervical Cancer That Almost No Woman Should Ignore

Symptoms of Cervical Cancer which you should not ignore


The subject of cervical cancer is highly sensitive and in no case, the facts or symptoms related to it can be ignored for at the least once by any woman. Cervical cancer that tends to be the most familiar kind of cancer in women affects the cells of the cervix (lower part of the uterus).

Well, women of all ages are at likely to develop this cancer once they begin having sexual intercourse. So if you notice these subtle signs of cervical cancer, please go and check yourself. Do not ignore!

Abnormal vaginal blood flow

Irregular bleeding and untimely period of bleeding are few things experienced by most of the women who get diagnosed with cervical cancer. Though abnormal vaginal bleeding could also be caused due to other conditions like hormonal imbalance or any disease related to pelvic organs. So, it is necessary to get this symptom checked.


Irregular vaginal discharge

Every girl experiences odorless and clear discharge but when the discharge’s odor turns out to be bad with a change in its color from white to pale yellow or brown then it might be an indication of any infection or cervical or endometrial cancer.

vaginal discharge

Pain during sex

If you are experiencing any agony while having intercourse with your partner then you must check it with your doctor as it could be another sign of cervical cancer. Pain mixed with foul-smelling vaginal discharge could even signalize the advanced level of cervical cancer.


Pain around the pelvic area

Well, pelvic pain could be common in many females as the cramps and pain are a part of their menstrual cycle. So, pain is not a sign to detect cervical cancer. However, if the pain lasts longer or tends to happen quite frequently then you need to visit your doctor to find out the exact cause or rule out the chances of cancer.


Uneasiness while peeing

Cervical cancer prevails in the urinary region to cause discomfort and a burning sensation. It is one of the clear and obvious signs of this fatal disease. You might also experience urinary discomfort due to other infections so it’s better to consult it with your doctor so as to be sure with the problem and root cause.


Long yet heavy menstrual periods

If you are going through a heavy menstrual cycle that is lasting longer than usual then it becomes a matter of concern for you. So, any change in consistency of monthly periods should be discussed with your gynecologist so as to ensure the likelihood of cervical cancer.


Sudden weight loss

Like other kinds of cancer, cervical cancer is also found to be related to unexplained weight loss. So, if you are seeing yourself losing weight suddenly then it could be a symptom of cervical cancer. Hence, have a word with your doctor and get a medical check-up definitely.

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These are some symptoms of Cervical Cancer which you should not ignore. Please spread this to your friend and family members. Please leave your comments in the comments area, if you know some more such signs.


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